It’d be cool to have a map with “YOU ARE HERE” and “DESTINATION” clearly written and easy-to-read directions to get you there. Imagine how much faster and less stressful writing and editing would be.

I don’t have one of those.

But I do have an amazing free virtual community that’ll help you get you where you are (here on this page) to where you want to go without all the frustration and hair-pulling you’re experiencing now.

It’s called The Writing Sidekick and we’re waiting for you

Think you’re fine on your own? So did Alissa, until she joined:


The Writing Sidekick is for you if you’ve ever…

—> Wished you had someone—or a group of someones—to hold you accountable for your goals

—> Felt lost when writing or editing and confused about where to turn for help

—> Wanted access to resources and people who can point you in the right direction

—> Needed actual writing events to get writing or editing, not inspirational quotes

—> Wondered if writing with people is better than writing alone (it is and we’ll prove it)

By entering your name and email below, you’ll get access to The Writing Sidekick Google+ community (and we’re now on Facebook!) and weekly notifications of sanity-saving tips to get you publishing content you’re proud to share.